This week tidytuesday is all about board games. The dataset contains over 90000 board games that have been developed from the 1950s to 2016. I tried to visualize the most prolific designers who have contributed the most to the industry during the past 50 years. You can find the script here.

In this tidytuesday I tried to provide the reader with all the data but highlight some specific aspects in detail. Thus, I darkened the 90000 datapoints to put them more in the background and added five thick lines of the most prolific designers. I learned some new ggplot2 tricks along the way:

  • I learned that the function scale_fill_viridis has a begin and end attribute: scale_color_viridis(discrete = TRUE, option = "magma", begin = 0.4). This was important, since the beginning is all black. Otherwise Jim Dunningham would not have stood out clearly enough.
  • I relearned how to set a margin on any piece of text: axis.title.y = element_text(margin = margin(r = 20)). The title of my y-axis was a little bit too close to my axis texts, so I add a margin on the right.
  • I also removed the panel grids: panel.grid.major = element_blank(). Sometimes I think it makes a visualization more calm even when comparisons between the points are more difficult to make.