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I’d love to help you build or improve your online courses or to create an informative data visualization.

As an educational scientist with a background in web development and data science I’m always trying to create online learning experiences that are delightful and informative at the same time. I start each job with a thourough analysis of the problem to be solved.

I always take a student-centered perspective. No online learning experience is any good if it doesn’t help learners to acquire the skills they need to learn. When I create data visualizations, I make sure that users can easily grasp the central message of the visualization.

Why should you hire me?

I have sound knowledge on the science of online learning and know how students experience online courses. With an almost finished PhD in educational sciences I know what works and doesn’t work in educational technology. Also, for two years, I have been a mentor at Udacity and have helped dozens of students to acquire skills in data science. That experience taught me how to support students in their learning process and made me crucially aware of the needs and struggles of online learners. Also, as a university teacher I have taught hundreds of students in more than 20 courses since 2015.

I have a sound knowledge in web development, data visualization, and data science. Since 2013, I have spend more than 3000 hours of my free time refining my skills in these areas. These skills have burned to the core of my head. Not only did I require the knowledge, I also created webpages and data visualizations for various clients. Have a look what people say about me.

Nice things people have said about working with me

We were faced with the challenge of presenting very complex website usage data to our customers in an easily understandable way. Christian combines sound psychological expertise, technical skills for the implementation of digital products and clear communication. This enabled us to go from his first drafts to the finished visualization app in the shortest possible time, which was technically flawlessly implemented for us. Many thanks for this!

Markus Hörmann | Focal Analytics

Christian Burkhart has supported me in two web projects where I have reached my own limits. Christian is a developer who is not satisfied with the 'next best' solution - that's what inspires me. With a lot of self-initiative he tries to solve technical problems in a reasonable and at the same time time-efficient way. This mixture of customer-oriented pragmatism and high standards for himself and his products is very rare in the industry.

David Seitz | digital content & video production

I was lucky enough to have Christian as my mentor during the Udacity's Data Analyst Nanodegree! I can venture to say that if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to extract as much as I could from the nanodegree program. He really improved the whole experience! Christian always surprised me with great answers to all of my questions, full of resources and links along with lots of tips and advices that I probably wouldn't easily find on books. He always paid close attention to codes that I've developed and he even put his hands on work to aid me. It could be Python, R, Javascript, it doesn't matter, Christian would be able to help me, and not only that, he would also teach me! He is also a very attentive person, always assisting me with all sorts of problems, not only the ones related to the program itself, but even professional counseling could be a topic for him. Besides that, Christian is a very nice person who really seems to care for my professional growth. He really inspires and motivates me! I've learned a lot from Christian and I'm still learning!

Bruno de Assis Pereira | Business Intelligence Consultant

Christian has created my own personal website. Through targeted questions and his feeling for people, Christian recognized very quickly what kind of product I wanted. From the very beginning, he worked very efficiently, concentrated and reliably. I have not seen this way of working very often. Thanks to his technical competencies he was able to realize my wishes adequately and quickly. He always took time to improve little details and never got tired of implementing new change requests.

Janina Wiesbrock | Trainer and Development Consultant

The online learning seminars of Christian Burkhart are a lot of fun, because he is very enthusiastic and passionate about the topic. This joy is also reflected in his authentic, open and friendly way of dealing with the students. Also, he always takes the latest research into account and has a wide range of practical tools, tips and ideas at his disposal. The combination of these qualities and skills make him a real online learning expert.

Nicole Cordes | Student

What I offer ...

I focus is on creating and improving online learning experiences. My goal is to make your clients happy with the product and to help them gain insights from their experience with the product. Therefore I will gladly help you with the following problems:

  • You need help in designing and developing an online course from a didactic point of view.
  • You have an existing online course and need to improve it didactically.
  • You need someone to speak at your conference about the science of online learning or do a private workshop at your work.
  • You need a well-structured training course on data visualization in ggplot2.
  • You need a custom-made data visualizations; either static visualizations or dynamic visualizations for the web.

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